Minho and Sulli

I’ve been watching him all through his childhood and I like to think I know everything about him and every thought he’s ever had. Well now I’m giving you the experience! Just go ahead and comment, or if you prefer privacy, send me a message! She gets her very first CD from him and falls in love with the music. She meets the members and soon she is in love. Who will steal her heart and get a girlfriend? We are going to SHINee’s concert! I widen my eyes and screamed. I cant believe I am going to meet them!

SHINee’s Minho reveals his current relationship status + perspective on dating

Shinee Minho was discovered at the S. Dream Team as a regular member. He played the role of a genius hacker. Entertainment to improve and direct the rapping abilities of their artists and used to be Shinee’s rap instructor, praised Minho’s writing ability and pointed out that he has many good ideas and “a few genius moments here and there”.

He was especially pleased with Minho’s rap lyrics for Shinee’s lead single ” Juliette ” in It is the first drama premiered by OnStyle, with a total of eight episodes.

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Wajah seorang bocah laki-laki keras kepala dan pantang menyerah untuk mencapai tujuan. Ia terus berlari, tubuhnya melesat cepat melewati barisan pepohonan. Satu…dua…tiga putaran dilakukannya tanpa berhenti, sampai akhirnya ia roboh …………… terduduk. Kepalanya menunduk ke bumi beberapa saat, bahunya bergerak naik turun seiring dengan helaan nafasnya yang tersengal. Suaranya yang parau menggelegar memenuhi stadion.

Lee Taemin dan Choi Sulli yang sejak setengah jam lalu tiba di sana dan melihat setiap gerak-gerik sahabat mereka, kini saling berpandangan. Mata keduanya saling bertanya. Apa ini ada kaitannya dengan Yuri Unni? Tapi aku tak berani bertanya macam-macam. Kau tahu sendiri Ssul, bagaimana Minho hyung kalau sedang begitu.

Ada kecemasan yang menyelimuti benakku. Di sekolah selama dua minggu terakhir kudengar gunjingan kalau Yuri unnie, kekasih Minho oppa, sedang dekat dengan seorang siswa pindahan. Aku tidak ingat siapa namanya, yang jelas aku pernah melihat mereka duduk dan mengobrol mesra di kafetaria. Apakah Minho oppa bertingkah aneh begitu karena itu?

Who is Minho’s Girlfriend? Lovelife about Minho of SHINee

Apa dia cemburu padaku? Ia sedang sibuk menyiapkan makan siang. Sekarang kau pulang dulu. Sebentar lagi Yesung oppa datang dan kau bisa mengacaukan semuanya. Jika kau tidak bersama Krystal, kau akan memilihku? Tapi lagi-lagi Minho menahannya.

Main Cast: Choi Minho, Lee Hyemi, Key. Support Cast: SHINee’s member Other Cast: (SHINee member & Their Girlfriend) – Minho ♥ Hyemi – Jonghyun ♥ Nana mamotho me2day Minho One in million Onew Onlywithonew Onside SHINee SHINee SHOP Simon d Taemin Taemin Solo Twitter acc UFO replies Yuri.

Welcome to the thread! I’m not that sure about that but Ive raised the question to the forum Admin. Maybe I will get the reply soon ainissky Hello! I’m shocked that it was not created actually. So I decided to come up with one. It’s funny because Minyul has existed since a long time ago! Yuri is my bias too! Since I started this thread in having the interest of gathering Minyul fans to discuss about moments and since they are not really considered a new couple. I guess lets get the ball rolling by Introducing ourselves: My username is roxxi Why?

My real name is Roxanne but you can call me Roxxi. Hmm Ive never liked shipping an OTP that has the guy younger but somehow Minyul just fits each other so much. And when they are placed together it seemed like Minho is the older one instead of Yuri.


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Yuri melakukannya dengan sangat senang hati walaupun setiap selesai latihan Minho selalu meminta hadiah darinya, hingga Yuri berpikir latihan itu hanya modus Minho mengantisipasi penolakannya. Kini, ia melihat hasilnya dengan sangat bangga.

Fakta Minho Yuri Dulu kayanya pernah ada yang req fakta minyul. G7 sendiri isinya adalah: Awalnya banyak yang mikir kalo minho bakal pilih go hara, karena sebelumnya minho pilih go hara, disalah satu acara show lain. Tapi, ternyata minho pilih yuri. Akhirnya minho bilang, kalo dia disuruh buat milih go hara, di acara tersebut. Yaah,,, hara unnie malu deh. Trus mereka yuri-minho , dance julliette bareng, sayangnya narsha onnie ganggu gitu….

Saya tidak akan lupa.


Namun suaranya masih terdengar melengking dan dahsyat, hingga burung hantu di sekitar rumah mereka berterbangan karena tidak tahan mendengarnya. Kendalikan api dalam tubuhmu itu. Tahan emosimu, seperti apa yang telah eomma dan oppamu ajarkan.

Aug 21,  · taemin’s lip quivered, “c-choi minho ” taemin was captivated by minho’s beauty. from what taemin remembered; minho had big beady eyes, “lee taemin,” minho gave the boy who was going to cry a gentle smile. “dance with me.”.

That answer a yes ou a no but i do believe there is someone that he likes and that is sulli fx. His actions speaks louder than words towards sulli. It’s not just because of there drama but even before that,minho already showed his special treatment and his aura when his with sulli. The plus after TTBY,he is plus protective than before so i guess if not they are now there still in the stage of courtship ou mutual understand.

Anyway they are still young. I’ve been watching korean couple but this two really hooked me up. I know they are into something special. Everybody feels the same way i guess especially there individual groups.


How to get 2 pounds of Chocolate home from the store in a hot car. Eat it in the parking lot If I eat equal amounts of dark Chocolate and white Chocolate, is that a balanced diet? Don’t they actually counteract each other?

Menurut Jonghyun kebiasaan aneh minho yaitu selalu menganggap serius lelucon mereka,dan mereka tetap memastikan kalau mereka sedang bercanda,Key menambahkan “Minho bilang,kita bisa bercanda dengan orang lain tapi bukan dia.”.

SHINee’s Minho opened up about dating. Does Minho has a girlfriend and what is her name. Who is Minho’s girlfriend now. Choi minho and yuri dating Does Minho has a girlfriend and what is her name? At the end of december, yuri have a drama musical performance at her university. New to Minyul couple. So I decided to come up with one.

Choi minho and yuri dating Open marriage dating service.

Choi minho and yuri dating 2014

That answer a yes or a no but i do believe there is someone that he likes and that is sulli fx. His actions speaks louder than words towards sulli. It’s not just because of there drama but even before that,minho already showed his special treatment and his aura when his with sulli.

!~Yugyeom’s Girlfriend~! Banned 3, posts Posted 21 May – AM. choi minho Back to top Choi Minho is one of the first idol I found attractive (along with Khun) so he has a special place in my heart First of all they are both short guys and small compared to Lee Min ho, who himself is the ideal man since his tall, dark and.

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Yuri tersenyum dan mengelus lembut lengan yang saat ini mengelus lembut perutnya. Apa kau baik-baik saja heum? Yuri kembali meraskan pusing yang sangat luar biasa. Semenjak dokter menyatakan ia hamil, tepatnya sejak dua bulan yang lalu, Yuri terus mengalami pusing dan mual yang luar biasa.

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Romance, fluff, sad Anyeong readers… mian buat yang nunggu lama FF ini. Heheee… oke dah Selamat membaca. Karena memang schedule mereka menggunakan ruangan latihan setelah Snsd selesai latihan. Di dalam ruangan tersebut, sudah tidak ada lagi para member snsd atau penari latar mereka. Semua yang di dalam ruangan tersebut sudah digantikan dengan pelatih koreo khusus untuk Shinee dan beberapa penari latarnya.

Kenapa I-pod ini ada disini? Sang pelatih pun mendatangi Taemin dan mengambil I-Pod tersebut dari tangan Taemin untuk mengceknya. Minho melihat I-pod di tangan pelatihnya, dan mengenali I-pod itu. Dia juga yang menulis inisial nama tersebut. Tapi, ia hanya diam saja melihatnya.

[Freelance] It Should Be You Choice Me Part 3

Mulai dari catering, setting tempat, fitting gaun pengantin, sebar undangan, dll. Sampai pada akhirnya tiba hari minus satu acara. Yuri pov Hari ini adalah hari gladi resik sebelum akhirnya besok aku akan benar-benar menikah dan menjadi nyonya Cho selamanya… Kami berdua memutuskan akan menikah di arena terbuka, dan berkonsep wedding garden. Setelah sebelumnya melakukan photo prewedding di area perpantaian, kini melaksanankan wedding day di kebun. Kedua konsep alam ini adalah perwujudan kecintaan aku dan Minho kepada alam, kepada simbol hijau dan biru.

Minho mengangkat Yuri tanpa malu-malu, kedua tangan kekarnya menahan kedua paha Yuri sehingga kaki Yuri melingkar nyaman di pinggang Minho. Tangan Yuri merangkul mesra leher Minho sehingga otomatis leher Yuri terekspos untuk bibir Minho.

Dec 16, at 6: Paparazzi took pictures of the two having a dinner alone. Some fans posted the picture of the couple wearing matching accessories on the SNS sites. Moreover, Minho was often seen to speak to Yuri when they co-starred in the music programs or concerts. Both of them denied their relationship and said they were just friends, but it was obvious that they were dating. In , Yu-Ri was dating Oh Seung-hwan. He likes women who like sports, gets on well with him, laughs so much and has a good fashion sense.

His ideal type of woman is also neat and clean. He also said that his ideal celebrity in the Korean show business was Kim Tae-hee. They brought me up in the environment where I could feel relaxed and free. They also told me to have a positive attitude toward everything, which still helps me a lot as an entertainer.

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